Lisbon is for love.

Family is love.

Lisbon is for families.

Having our families back together - in the best way possible, after so many unfortunate losses - is something that most of us really expect now.

Recently, we started working on a new site concept to embrace the idea of welcoming families to our lovely Lisbon in a relaxed and friendly way. When talking about families in general, we have always believed that there is a very single ingredient to make travelling with your family work out: love. Now we feel glad to see that this ingredient is more important than ever in the present context.

We have also shared our purpose of building a family-to-family approach to this enchanting city, positioning ourselves against the idea of only ranking and counting site visitors.

Now that love and solidarity are finally being recognized as more important than any kind of algorithm or business selling strategy, we feel like we should really take this opportunity to develop our thoughts around this scenario. 

We would like to help people reconnect to what we believe really matters when considering family travel: contemplation, valuing local experiences, and creating special memories with the ones we love. And maybe, in this process we will all realize that we don't need to cross great distances or check all top-ranked places to achieve that.

After considering all of this, Lisbon for Families website is under renovation to reflect its new purpose.

A short remark on the new tile patterns developed in our brand design project is a tribute to family hugs. (Take a close look into this page's background image). A simple hug is clearly more valuable to us right now than all luxury trips ever possible. This is what we wish everyone right now, a very warming HUG. It's also the energy that will bring us back here soon.

We really appreciate your time and will certainly enjoy even more your return visit in a few days :)

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