Lisbon is for all. Love is all. Family is love.

Lisbon is for love. Lisbon is for families.


Besides sharing our look over this charming and lovely city, especially focused on the magical aura of moments of union between family,
we are here to help simplify and disregard excessive information online and allow travel itineraries to be created based on your own criteria.

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Lisbon for Families'  abouts & whereabouts

Hello, my name is Cristina. I am Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro and a wife and mother of a boy! Lisbon for families is my personal blog where you will find a little bit of everything related to family travel to Lisbon and Portugal. My experience as a blogger started in 2012, when I created  My Little Rio Journal, a blog about my life in Rio de Janeiro. This experience made me discover I loved writing!

My education and professional background is related to Engineering and Consulting and my experience in writing was only with technical reports and specifications. But when writing for My Little Rio Journal I discovered how creative writing was exciting and since then I decided to adventure myself in this journey. I started this blog writing only in English to reach a larger audience and not only the Portuguese speakers. But Portuguese is such a beautiful language and has a large population of native speakers, so from now on posts will be written in Portuguese and English.

This blog was born as Postcards from Lisbon, a space to share my amateur photography,  but as time went by I became more motivated to share useful information for families visiting Lisbon, and Portugal, that’s why now it it Lisbon for familiesMy intention is to keep this blog updated with a little bit of Portuguese culture, gastronomy, destinations and photography and a lot of useful tips for families of all types visiting Lisbon and Portugal. 

Help me sharing useful information for you! If you are interested in visiting Lisbon and Portugal with your family and have any doubt or concerns about it contact me! Comment the posts or send me an email. Maybe I can help you and you help me to write useful new posts for other families too!

Thank you very much for stopping by and hope to see you around again soon!


May we take some time to present a special part of our new design project?

Tiles are a symbol of Portuguese architecture and one of the most representative icons of the city of Lisbon - a legacy of the invasions of Arab peoples who have been in the Iberian Peninsula for many years, from 300 BC to 711 AD. A beautiful analogy can be drawn between the tile compositions and family groups: both are made up of equal parts that, together, define their most complete form. Therefore, we chose to create exclusive tile patterns for the page backgrounds of our new website. And the inspiration, of course, came from little dolls forming a big family hug (as seen in the first image - top left). The "hug" is seen from a superior view, so it does not distinguish between genders: family is where love is.

You may see these background textures appearing here, either on our pages, on the covers of eBooks, or wherever else the imagination allows. I hope you like it and please be welcome to this big family hug :)


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