Ascensor da Glória, Glória Lift


Dear Lilly,

I hope everything is fine! I’m so glad you liked my first postcard!! This encourages me to keep posting. There are so many interesting things to see around here that I don’t know what to see first. The other day while exploring the region close to Praça dos Restauradores (Restauradores Square), I stumbled upon this scenery. This is so Lisbon, isn’t it? At that moment I didn’t know I was photographing a National Monument, the Ascensor da Glória (Glória Lift). It operates since 1885 and goes up to Bairro Alto just next to Miradouro São Pedro de Alcântara. I’m just planning a ride in it soon. Maybe next weekend, if it is not so cold! Those days have been really freezing, although the sun is always shining. Well, I’ve got to go! Love you! XoXo, Cris

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