Fish scale facade

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Dear friend, sorry for not writing any postcards for such a long time!!! I can’t believe my last post was from January! I’m a little disappointed in myself that I couldn’t stick to my promise to write to you more often. Anyway, life is hard sometimes, especially when you are living in a different country and everything is new to you. Organizing a new life is taking more time than I imagined it would take. This postcard is a little game I would like to play with you! Let’s see if you have the observant eye I believe you have! From what building is this fish scale facade in Lisbon? Waiting anxiously for your answer! xoxo Cris

PS: In fact, I’m not sure if you have visited this area when you visited Lisbon, so I will let this question open to the blog readers so they can give you a hint or even a little help!

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