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As temperatures rise in the northern hemisphere, many families might already be dreaming about a beach destination for their Summer vacation.

Portugal, with an extensive coastline (it is about 943 km) and sunny weather from July to September, might be the choice for many tourists looking for a beach destination to relax.

After all, spending a vacation in Portugal is cheaper than other popular beach destinations in Europe such as Greece and Spain. But this summer, there is one more reason that might influence tourists to choose Portugal as a destination. The successful way the Portuguese Government and people dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic might turn Portugal a choice for many families searching for a beach destination.

Summer is just around the corner in Europe and as deconfinement plan unfolds in Portugal, optimists say that the country will gradually open to tourism and Portuguese beaches will be ready to receive local and foreign tourists as well.

If the Portuguese beaches are in your family holidays bucket list, stay tuned to the new measures and restrictions defined by the Directorate-General of Health (the public body of the Ministry of Health in Portugal) in the manual “ Go to the beach safely ”  released last week.

The measures must be adopted by everyone visiting beaches in Portugal while COVID-19 pandemic lasts.

The beach season officially starts on June 6, but as temperatures rise, more and more people start going to the beaches. So, it is important to learn the rules to minimize the contagion in the beach and ensure that everyone has lots of fun safely.

What do you need to know to visit Portuguese beaches after the covid19 pandemic?

• Beaches will be classified according to their potential occupation capacity. There will be signs to indicate their occupation status (Green: low occupation / Yellow: high occupation / Red: full occupation).

• It is recommended that before going to the beaches, people consult the state of occupation through the mobile application “Info praia”.

Download the app!

• Beaches with more than one access must have an exclusive area for entry and another for exit.

• Social distancing of 1.5 meters must be respected by everyone who does not belong to the same group at the beach.

• The distance between parasols must be of at least 3 meters.

• Slides, indoors showers, and other similar structures will be forbidden.

• Outdoors showers, sun loungers, mattresses and beach ashtrays must be cleaned daily and disinfected in their assembly and whenever there is a new user.

• Any beach bars, restaurants, and terraces must follow the recommendations defined by DGS for restaurants.

• Beach vendors must wear a mask or a visor.

• Sports activities involving two or more people are forbidden. The exception is the classes promoted by surfing schools or instructors (limit of 5 participants per instructor).

In addition to the specific beach rules, the 5 prevention rules keep valid:

• physical distance (minimum 2 meters)

• frequent hand cleaning

• respiratory tag

• cleaning and sanitizing spaces

• use of protective equipment (mask and/or visor) in places of mandatory use.

The complete beach manual in pdf is available on the page of the Portuguese Environment Agency or directly here.

If you have any questions regarding the beach manual or anything related to the Portugal deconfinement leave a message in the comments. I promise to answer you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and see you on the next post!

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