International Family Day, and a reflection on family travel in Lisbon and Portugal

Today we celebrate International Family Day, established by the UN General Assembly to discuss and outline projects for the future of the family institution.

When looking at the photos of our family travels around Portugal, I realized that at this moment, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most people will not be making plans for travelling in a short/medium term. Many families around the world are losing their jobs due to this crisis and the tourism sector is one of the most affected.

I have always believed that family trips are an excellent way to create bonds and memories that we will carry with us for a lifetime, and this is what inspired me to create ​​”Lisbon for Families”. A blog where I share the charms of Lisbon and Portugal and showing how it is a perfect destination for families.

And when I say family, I’m not talking only about the ones connected by blood. My concept of family is broader. After all, who doesn’t have one or more friends who are a real family for us?  Friends that comfort us, friends for better or worse.

Lisbon for Families aims to show that for each family profile, with different ages, interests and budgets, there is a tailored made “Lisbon”. Besides that, as the capital of a small country in size, but big in traditions, history, culture, gastronomy and natural beauty, Lisbon is the perfect base for exploring Portugal.

And even though it is not possible to organize your trip in the near future, I will continue with the commitment to bring relevant content to help anyone who wants to plan their visit to Lisbon and Portugal with their family as soon as the situation gets under control.

Thinking about all the families that depend on the tourism sector to survive, I will start to promote daily on my Instagram Stories services, products and restaurants, based on local and small business, hoping that they can overcome this crisis as soon as possible and manage to continue their projects.

For now, keep social distancing, but remember to stop by and follow Lisbon for Families on social media!

Happy Family Day!

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