Parque das Nações


Dear friend,

I hope you are fine! It has been a long time since my last postcard. Sorry, but I won’t waste your time with excuses for not writing before. Let’s move on! I had just stumbled upon this postcard while organizing my files, and I couldn’t imagine a reason for not sending it to you right now! Have you ever found a forgotten photo that made you travel back in time? That’s what had happened to me looking to this photo! I took it from the first apartment I lived in Lisbon.  At that time there were many doubts about the future and this relaxing view helped me clear up my mind. I keep great memories of the time we lived in that apartment in Parque das Nações neighbourhood. It reminds me of the process we’ve been through while making Lisbon our new home. For almost two years we lived in this residential area with modern architecture and served by plenty of outdoors spaces alongside Tejo River. Expo, the other name for Parque das Nações, is situated in the Eastern Lisbon, making it impossible to enjoy sunsets, but it is blessed with stunning sunrises. Well, that’s all for now.Hoping to hear news from you soon! Love, Cristina

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