Safe tourism in Portugal, get to know the “Clean and Safe” stamp!

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It is almost the end of August, but it is still time to enjoy a Summer vacation in Portugal.

If you are still unsure about travelling to Portugal due to the pandemic and have doubts about how touristic establishments are complying with safety and hygiene standards to prevent the spread of COVID-19, you need to read this post!

Portugal was the first country in Europe to obtain the “Safe Travels” stamp approved by the World Travel and Tourism Council organization, recognizing the fulfilment of safety requirements for all.

“Turismo de Portugal”(Portugal National Tourism Authority) created the “Clean and Safe” stamp to distinguish tourist activities and establishments that ensure compliance with hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 virus and other possible infections.

All tourism enterprises that have an official registration with the National Tourist Authority may request the declaration as a “Clean and Safe” establishment and, after submitting their “Declaration of Commitment”, they may use the stamp either physically on their facilities or on their digital platforms.

The stamp is valid for one year and implies for the establishment to guarantee the cleanliness of its spaces to avoid risks of contagion and to ensure safe procedures for the operation of tourist activities.

What does it mean to have a “clean and safe” stamp?

An establishment or tour operator with the “Clean and Safe” stamp basically ensures that:

– Employees and/or collaborators received specific information or training on the internal protocol related to COVID-19 and know how to comply with the basic precautions for the prevention and control of covid-19 infection, including hand hygiene procedures, respiratory etiquette and social conduct.

– Customers will have access to information on how to comply with basic precautions to prevent and control infection related to the covid-19 outbreak.

– The cleaning and disinfection of spaces and surfaces where employees and customers circulate are carried out according to the internal protocol; the cleaning of objects in common use (ex: door handles, switches, counters, etc.) is done several times a day; rooms and enclosed spaces are properly ventilated.

– There is at least one employee at the establishment designated to proceed with the measures previously defined by the General Directorate of Health in case any suspicious case is detected.

To find out which establishments have already won the “Clean and Safe” stamp and plan your itinerary in Portugal using “Clean and Safe” tourist services, just consult the page, where you can search by company name, by type of business and by location.

How to make a clean and safe vacation itinerary in Portugal?

For example, if you are travelling to Lisbon, you can search for all the “Clean and safe” museums, or restaurants, or hotels, you can visit when staying in the city.

Categories of “Clean and Safe” Establishments in Portugal

Turismo de Portugal, in coordination with the competent entities, will carry out audits of establishments bearing the stamp, to motivate the establishments to accomplish all the safety measures.

Since the “Clean and Safe” stamp had been launched, we have had the opportunity to use some services qualified as “clean and safe”, and we were very satisfied. We observed a higher concern with the compliance with the rules of safety, hygiene, and disinfection of spaces to prevent the spread of the disease.

While the stamp makes customers feel more confident about the services offered, for the tourism enterprise, it is also a way to protect its employees, offering better conditions for the provision of services.

For detailed information about the “Clean and Safe” stamp and the measures adopted in Portugal to contain the spread of COVID-19, see:

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