September update

September, month of the grape harvesting in Portugal

In ten days, September will be over! I blinked my eyes and realized that it has been a month since my last post here on the blog. I look at the calendar and see that time has flown. Autumn starts tomorrow in the northern hemisphere and in three months it will be Christmas time.

After my birthday last week and the beginning of another school year here in Portugal, like nature, I feel myself prepared to start a new personal cycle and renew plans and projects.

Many changes in everyone’s lives due to the context of the current pandemic, a lot of adaptions to manage, but in Portugal, although cases keep increasing considerably in the last few days, the authorities say that confinement is out of the question.

Like many, I have mixed feelings. I feel a little bit insecure, but at the same time, I try to keep the hope that everything is going to be fine. We carry on our lives working, studying, going out shopping, having doctor’s appointments, going out for dinner, doing small trips around Portugal, and meeting close friends. Of course, we do all of these considering special care for hands hygiene, use of masks and social distancing.

Over the next few days, I will start a post series about the tours and quick trips we did in Portugal this Summer. As the weather starts to get colder and rainy, and as work and school routines get back on track, I expect to spend more time at home writing the posts I have been planning this whole Summer.

I hope to see you around here soon and if there is any subject that you would like to see in a post, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments. See you soon in the next post!

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