Tuk Tuk


Dear Lilly, I hope you are fine! The other day while walking in Baixa (Lisbon downtown) I stumbled upon this tuk tuk with this cute tiled design and I couldn’t avoid taking a picture of it. That kind of details is everywhere around here and that’s what makes me feel in love with this city!!! I had never had a ride in a tuk tuk yet, I think it is because I believe that the best way to know Lisbon is walking around through its side streets, climbing up and down its hills and exploring each corner of it. But I should admit that for someone with limited mobility, explore the city inside a tuk tuk can be quite convenient. Although it can be a little expensive, as far as I know. Anyway, I liked this tuk tuk design. It has the mood of this city! That’s it! I would be very happy if I got postcards back from you too!!! Think about it!!! Love, Cris

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