Visiting Óbidos for the Chocolate Festival


Dear friend,

I hope this postcard finds you well! Last weekend I had a great time travelling with friends to the village of Obidos for the International Chocolate Festival. I just couldn´t stop reminding me of you and how much you loved Obidos on your last trip to Portugal. Óbidos is so charming and unique. I still haven’t found anyone that doesn’t like it. But this time we were invited by friends to take kids for the Chocolate Festival that takes place every year in Obidos and unfortunately I didn´t have time to stroll around those photogenic narrow cobbled streets and take thousands of photos as I wished. We went directly to the entrance of the castle where the Festival took place and were in charge of the kids. My son and our friend’s children attended the activities in the Kids Chocolate House where they had the opportunity to experience chocolate cooking while us, the adults, had shots of Ginjinha (the typical sweet cherry liqueur from Obidos).  As kids’ activities took longer than expected, unfortunately, we didn’t have time to walk around the village. This short visit to Óbidos made me feel like coming back soon just to walk around the village, take lots of photography, enter in every small shop and relax enjoying Óbidos’ atmosphere. Maybe we can go there together for your next time in Portugal.  Love, Cris

International Chocolate Festival – April 25th to May 5th, 2019

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