Lisbon is for love.

Family is love.

Lisbon is for families.

Having our families back together - in the best way possible, after so many unfortunate losts - is something that most of us really expect now.

Recently, we changed our name as a welcoming from Lisbon to all families in the world - and by family, we obviously mean a single ingredient: love. We feel glad to see now that this could have been very opportune.

We have also shared our expectations to compose here a very dedicated “family-to-family” view of this enchanting city, strongly positioning ourselves agains big websites that ranks and transforms our passions into statistics and people into products or automatic content - such as our data all around the internet, sadly. Now that love and solidarity are finally being seen as more important that any kind of algorithm or business selling strategy, we feel like we would really like to take this chance to develop our thoughts around this scenarium.

One thing we know for sure is that we always wanted to help reconnecting people to what really matters, which in our case (reffering to where we are positioned - tourism) is contemplation, learning, renewal and memory of special moments shared with ones we love (in other words: family). And maybe we don't really need to cross great distances or check all top-ranked places to achieve that.

A short observation to finish: the new tile patterns developed in our brand design project are - if you take a close look into this page's background image - a tribute to family hugs. A simple hug is clearly more valuable to us right now than all luxury trips ever possible. That's what we wish to everyone now - a very warming HUG. It's also the energy that will bring us back here soon.

We really apreciate your time and will certainly enjoy even more your return visit in a few days :)

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photos by Lisbon-based Photographer & great partner Claudia Pereira | @claupereirafotos